Common Task

The project partners have decided to give a short overview of the evolution of Arts in Europe and for that they have chosen three definite periods (see below).  The teams have also decided to select one picture/piece of Art for each period and for each partner country and some more. This allows an easy comparison of the different periods in the different countries.

Short description of some art movements which were of importance during the selected periods: information file.

Mid-19th century till 1st world war
Self Portrait - Great Britain

Johan Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood-Great Britain-1
Carols - Greece

Nikiphoros Lytras

Carols - Nikiphoros Lytras - Greece - 1
Grindslanten - Sweden

Johan August Malmström

Grindslauten - Sweden - 1
Title of Art

Short description / Artist

Title of Art

Short description / Artist

Between the two world wars
White Bear - France

François Pompon

White Bear-FR - 2
Leslie Howard - Great Britain

Reginald Grenville Eves

Reginald Grenville Eves - Great Britain -2

Massimo Campigli

Affresco - Italy - 2
Nicanor Piñole

Activity based on a specific painting

Tidsbild - Sweden

Sven Leonard Erixson

Tidsbild - Sweden - 2
Title of Art

Short description / Artist

After second world war
Winter moon - Finland

Riikka Viinikanoja

Riikka Viinikanoja - FI-3
Title of Art France 3

Short description / Artist

3.3.86 - Germany

Gerhardt Richter

3.3.86-Gehard Richter - DE-3
The Black Sun - Greece

Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas

The Black Sun- Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas-Greece-3
Homme et bêtes - Holland

Corneille (Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo)

Homme et bêtes - Holland - 3
Non-violence - Sweden

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

Non-violence - Sweden - 3
Title of Art

Short description / Artist