Having discussed the broadness of European culture, the partners finally decided that European Cuisine and its traditions reflected a culture bound to the geographical situation of a country, its resources, its climate as well as to soil conditions and available agro-products... but the cook´s personality and spirit are certainly very important for the realisation of a tasty meal!

Cuisine in Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden


Traditional Finnish meal with fish and meat

Bild Kulakukko-1
Finnish Mitsummer Menu

An invitation for testing some recipes

FI-Karelian pies
Traditional Bavarian Menu

Traditional Bavarian dishes

Easter Nest - Cake

A traditional Bavarian recipe for an Easter cake

Easter Bread-DE
Traditional Bavarian Cooking

A traditional Bavarian recipe: "Rindsrouladen" A video with Chef Luis Bauer

Easter Nest - Cake

Video - Traditional Bavarian Easter cake

Easter Bread-DE
Cooking in Germany -

Specialties in Relation to Geographical Locations

Bigoli in Salsa

Traditional tasty pasta

bigoli in salsa
Mascarpone Cream

Traditional very tasty dessert

mascarpone cream
Let´s Talk About Cicchetti

Traditional typical Venetian appetizers

half eggs-IT
Cooking Book

A collection of recipes in English and Spanish

Anchovy Salad

The video of that traditional recipe

Cooking anchovy salad
Cooking vor CABS

Complete meal

Complete meal