Having discussed the broadness of European culture, the partners finally decided that European Cuisine and its traditions reflected a culture bound to the geographical situation of a country, its resources, its climate as well as to soil conditions and available agro-products... but the cook´s personality and spirit are certainly very important for the realisation of a tasty meal!

Cuisine in Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden


Traditional Finnish meal with fish and meat

Bild Kulakukko-1
Finnish Midsummer Menu

An invitation for testing some recipes

FI-Karelian pies
Traditional Bavarian Menu

Traditional Bavarian dishes

Easter Nest - Cake

A traditional Bavarian recipe for an Easter cake

Easter Bread-DE
Traditional Bavarian Cooking

A traditional Bavarian recipe: "Rindsrouladen" A video with Chef Luis Bauer

Easter Nest - Cake

Video - Traditional Bavarian Easter cake

Easter Bread-DE
Cooking in Germany -

Specialties in Relation to Geographical Locations

Bigoli in Salsa

Traditional tasty pasta

bigoli in salsa
Mascarpone Cream

Traditional very tasty dessert

mascarpone cream
Let´s Talk About Cicchetti

Traditional typical Venetian appetizers

half eggs-IT
Cooking Book

A collection of recipes in English and Spanish

Anchovy Salad

The video of that traditional recipe

Cooking anchovy salad
Cooking for CABS

Complete meal

Complete meal
Swedish meatballs or köttbullar

Swedish meatballs, or köttbullar, must be prepared with love!

Swedish Kroppkakor

This Swedish delicacy actually originates from the Baltic island of Öland.